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1.                 Detailed specifications of the object of sale and description of its functions:
Roll form machine for slats Z90 for external venetian blinds type: SPL_1011_Z90H
2.                 Technical data:
The basic technical requirements for the safe connection of the machine are listed below.
Minimum dimension for workspace: (L x W x H) 12 x 2 x 2.5 m.
The optimal working temperature of the workshop is between 17 to 27 ° C.

Electrial power socket
Cable conntction: 5x1,5 mm2
3P+N+PE 16 A
With machine its 10 m power cable with socket.

Air presure 8 bar ; 100l/min
Tube diameter 10 or 12 mm
With machine its 5 m tube with socket

3.     The buyer will provide two reels of different colors of material from the manufacturer Metalcolor, dimensions    114x0.4 mm.
4.     The customer provides an internet connection to the machine and a computer for remote contprol.
Seller                                                                                                               Buyer
SKOVELA d.o.o.                                                                                
Anton Dorn                                                                                       

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Appendix No. 1 to sale agreement Nr.:  Detailed specifications
Appendix No. 2 to sale agreement Nr.:  TECHNICAL ACCEPTANCE PROTOCOL
Appendix No. 3 to sale agreement Nr.:  DELIVERY PROTOCOL
Appendix No. 4 to sale agreement Nr.:  ACCEPTANCE PROTOCOL

Terms:  AGB ZVEI
Incoterms: 2010

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